Week of August 5, 2016

Stay cool out there this weekend, folks.

No Diving, Phelps!


“I’m dreaming of that possibility…It’s a one-in-a-million type of event, but we’re prepared.” These are the words of Anderson Fertes, a man who will be paid to do nothing while having a front row seat to the Olympic swimming events. He’s a lifeguard. Yep, they have lifeguards on hand at the Olympic swimming pool. You know, in the event Michael Phelps doesn’t wait 30 minutes until after eating before swimming.

It’s the makings of a New Yorker comic. While there are legitimate reasons for lifeguards being on site (heart attack, cramps), the notion of a lifeguard, complete with the red shorts and a flotation device slung over the shoulder Baywatch style, presiding over the best swimmers in the world is delightful. Can we just call Wendy Peffercorn and do the damn thing right, please and thank you. – PAL


Source: Lifeguards at the Olympic Pool? Yes, It’s Necessary“,  John Branch, The New York Times (08/04/2016)

TOB: YES. The Olympics need an 80s villain lifeguard – complete with zinka (not zika), an overactive whistle, short shorts, and the kind of sense of humor that enjoys barking at other people. Gosh, I feel like I know just the person…


Yes! Phil! Why, you could be an internet sensation.

With Just a…Soucant…

Legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser rates every Summer and Winter Olympic logo. It’s kind of…mesmerizing. It’s like a pretentious wine or beer review, except it makes total sense. For example:


He’s right, the typography IS peculiar and unpleasant! Or this one:


“Perhaps more appropriate for a manufacturer of paper towels.” God damn, that is some serious graphic design burn. But he saves his best for Tokyo 2020:


“…the issue has raised some fascinating questions about the nature of plagiarism in the graphic arts.” WOWOWOWOWOW. To paraphrase Piston Honda, you just got a TKO, Tokyo! -TOB

Source: On a Scale of 1-100, Milton Glaser Rates Every Single Olympic Logo Design in History”, Emily Gosling, Eye on Design (08/01/2016)

PAL: My favorites are as follows

Squaw (1960)


Innsbruck (1964)


Athens (2000)


Munich (1972)


TOB: For me, the gold standard is L.A. 1984. 1984-Los-Angeles-Summer-Olympics-logo-650x443

That’s how you get back on the horse, Day Day

Draymond Green made some news last weekend, if you didn’t hear. Let’s just say he took a page out of the Anthony Weiner playbook. One might think, after a big mistake like that, a public personality like Draymond Green might take a break from social media. Nope! And I’m glad he didn’t, because he gifted the public his review for some of the USA Basketball team players hair. As the kids say, he kept it 100:

hair 3 hair_201.0

Now THIS is what social media is for, Draymond. Good work. – PAL

Source: Draymond Green roasted all his Team USA teammates’ hair, and then his own”, Tim Cato, SB Nation (08/04/2016)

TOB: I’m still on Team Draymond. There are things he could do to make me leave Team Draymond, certainly, but they are up there at the Baylor/Penn State/Greg Hardy/O.J. levels.

Video of the Week

PAL Song of the Week: Father John Misty – “Well, You Can Do It Without Me” (and just let it roll to check out all of the weekly picks)

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“I play real sports. Not trying to be the best at exercising.”

-Kenny Powers

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