Lockdown Dailies #4: Coaching Uniform

What is the minimum age/level of baseball in which it’s okay for a coach to wear a uniform? 

PAL: I remember one coach in Little League (ages 10-12) wore the full uni. Dave Fagerlie, Senior. I played several seasons with Fagerlie’s son, Dave “Big Dog”, Jr. (Jr. was a legit 6’ 7” lefty…maybe one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met, actually – a walking Civil War encyclopedia – but that’s another story).

Back to Senior and the Little League uni. He was the manager of the Yankees. They had a white, v-neck pinstripe top, but every team in the league were given the same, bland grey pants in our league. The whole getup was hilarious on Senior, who is north of 6’ 5” and lanky as a ball of unspooled twine. The pants hardly crossed his knees, and he elected white sanitaries, sans stirrups. Woof. He would sit cross-legged on the end of the bench keeping book while barking out instructions to players mid-pitch. I can still hear him. An oversized man in a kids uniform folded into a little league-sized dugout. 

All of this is to say that Little League is much too young for a coach to wear a full uniform. 

Honestly, I’m not sure even a regular season college game requires the full uni from a manager. Baseball pants, turf shoes, and a short sleeve warmup gets the job done, but you go full uni for a playoff game. 

One thing is for certain, no baseball coach – no matter the level – can really call himself/herself a coach if they don’t rock the Oakley Blades. 

 TOB: If every coach needs Oakley Blades, then I am a born coach.

(True story: That is a generic lens and piece that holds it, but real Oakley Blades ear pieces that I bought off a friend who broke his pair. I swapped the real ear pieces into my generics, even though the colors didn’t match. So stupid but so hilarious.)

PAL: Are those blades knock-offs, or Bollé knock-offs?

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2 thoughts on “Lockdown Dailies #4: Coaching Uniform

  1. Not anymore…Joe Madden carries the torch for Wayfarers…it’s hip to be square. High school for uni’s…the rule is you must wear a uni to be on the field (base coach, mound visits…etc. NCAA made “full” uni a requirement several years ago, and if memory serves me (questionable at my age), I think Tony Gwynn got booted during a mound visit for no jersey…

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