Week of December 21, 2015


Merry Christmas, everyone!

After the Lights Go Out


If you’ve never read the book Friday Night Lights, Buzz Bissinger’s 1990 book on the Permian High School (Odessa, TX) football team’s 1989 season, you really should. The book, of course, spawned a movie and a television show. But the book is fascinating in the way Bissinger was able to embed himself into the high school football crazed small town of Odessa, TX and chronicle the town, the players and the coaches and how the performance of a high school football team so affects an entire community. If you have read it, you probably remember Brian Chavez. Chavez was one of the stars of the team and the book – an extremely bright, very talented kid who wanted nothing more than to get out of Odessa. Chavez worked hard on the field – he was the first Mexican-American team captain in Permian History – and in the classroom – he earned himself admission from Harvard. Interestingly, the kid who worked so hard to get out of Odessa found himself back there. After graduating cum laude from Harvard and earning a law degree from Texas Tech University, Chavez returned to Odessa to practice law. He led an upstanding life – until one night five years ago when he didn’t. This story chronicles Chavez’ rise, fall, and rehabilitation. If you’re a fan of the book, you will want to read this. But the most interesting passage comes when discussing the high school football worship in Odessa. Chavez makes a point that I had never considered:

No matter what the rest of the world thinks about misplaced priorities or lack of perspective, Chavez, at 45, still believes in the Permian way. It turns out the guy so admired a quarter century ago for not putting all his eggs in football’s basket sees nothing tragic in those who do.

“What made the Permian program, what’s so great about it, is that in Odessa, as a third grader you idolized the Permian middle linebacker or safety or receiver. That’s who you wanted to be,” he says. “And that’s a goal you can actually attain! How great is that? A goal you have in life is actually attainable! All you have to do is you just keep playing with your buddies and your friends and you actually attain your goals! In Odessa, you can do that! But, you grow up somewhere else, wanting to be Troy Aikman? You’re never going to be Troy Aikman.”

You know, it’s not a bad point. -TOB

Source: How the Hero of Friday Night Lights Won and Lost His Good Name”, David McKenna, Deadspin (12/18/2015)

UPDATE: Tom Brady, Still a Bimbo (Again)

In our weeks of January 26, 2015 and September 7, 2015 digests, we brought you stories of Tom Brady and how those stories made us think Tom is a total bimbo. Well, here’s another. Sorry, I can’t get enough of this stuff. -TOB

Source: Tom Brady Is a Hilarious Moron”, Drew Magary, Deadspin (12/18/2015)

Bryant Gumbel Making Bryant Gumbel Look Like Wayne Brady on Chappelle’s Show

This wide-ranging interview with Bryant Gumbel is what happens when a really smart guy, with some years on this planet, and a ton of job security, just decides he does not give one crap about speaking his mind. It’s fantastic. Gumbel speaks on the NFL’s lies and hypocrisy, calls Donald Trump a “shithead”, and non-payment of college athletes. It’s well worth your time. -TOB

Source: Bryant Gumbel: ESPN, CBS Gave ‘Big Wet Kiss’ to NFL”, Robert Silverman, The Daily Beast (12/20/2015)

PAL Song of the Week: Special TOB Edition: All the Beatles songs, ever, which just got released yesterday on Spotify. But especially Day in the Life, Rocky Raccoon, and Yellow Submarine. Enjoy the Holidays, everyone!

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Christmas is awesome. First of all, you get to spend time with people you love. Secondly, you can get drunk and no one can say anything. Third, you give presents. What’s better than giving presents? And fourth, getting presents. So, four things. Not bad for one day. It’s really the greatest day off all time.

-Michael Scott

Week of December 14, 2015


Enjoy the holidays, everyone!

The Only F-Word That Matters (Warning, explicit language below)

You’re a mother——- faggot. … You’re a f—— faggot, Billy.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.03.50 AM

By multiple accounts, this is what Sacramento Kings guard Rajon Rondo said to NBA Referee Billy Kennedy. 11 days following his ejection of Rondo, Kennedy came out as gay. What follows is my hunch – again, my gut feeling –  but I would put money on the following:

  • I think there’s a good chance the inner circle of the NBA players, coaches, and referees knew of Kennedy’s sexual orientation. There are 64 NBA referees, and they work in groups of 3 on the court. Kennedy’s been a ref for a long 18 years, working alongside many of these folks for quite a long time.
  • Reading what Rondo said, I don’t think these were just frustrated vulgarities; these were personal statements directed knowingly at Kennedy.
  • There is a connection between this story and Kennedy deciding to come out. Whether or not it was his way of turning this situation into a positive, I don’t know, but I do believe Rondo’s actions influenced Kennedy’s decision to come out, and that sucks. While I’m sure it’s more common than should be the case, a person’s decisions as to when and how to come out should be on his/her terms. Rajon effin’ Rondo shouldn’t play any part in that decision – that’s for sure.

If my gut feeling is correct, then a 1 game suspension is crap. In a televised game, on the NBA stage, a player attacked someone using slurs in front of a crowd and a television audience. Replace “faggot” with most other slurs, and we’re not talking about a one-game suspension. Donald Sterling had to hand over ownership of his team for making racially insensitive remarks to a mistress. Rondo directs homophobic slurs at an official on the court before a crowd and a television audience, and he’s suspended for 1 game. Come on. – PAL

Source: Rajon Rondo allegedly berated a gay referee, and the punishment feels too soft”, Clinton Yates, The Washington Post (12/14/2015)

TOB: I don’t disagree with anything you said, but I will point out that Rondo was not mic’d up and no one in the television audience heard what he said at the time. In fact, no one seemed to know what he said until 11 days later when they announced the suspension. At that point, someone in the NBA offices leaked the information, which then caused everyone to turn to the videotape to try to confirm what Rondo said by reading his lips.

Now, this doesn’t at all absolve what Rondo said: it was hurtful and hateful. But I don’t think he truly outed Kennedy. NBA players say things to referees during games all the time that we can’t hear, even when we sit close to the court. Rondo probably expected, as many players do, that no one but those directly around him would hear what he said. And if Kennedy’s sexual preference was an open secret in the NBA, as you surmise and I agree, then I don’t think Rondo had any intention or even any real blame in outing Kennedy publicly. He figured anyone wuo heard it already knew. If the league office had not leaked what he said, which I can’t recall them ever doing, then we aren’t having this discussion. I want to reiterate: that does not absolve Rondo of what he said. It was terrible, and as a Kings fan, it was embarrassing and just one more reason being a Kings fan is the absolute worst.

An All Too Familiar Scene

On a lighter note, this is great. A’s pitcher Sean Doolittle dragged his girlfriend to the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens last night, and the two of them chronicled the events in a series of amusing tweets. Here are my two favorites:


Source: Sean Dolittle Dragged His Girlfriend to Star Wars“, Barry Petchesky, Deadspin (12/18/2015)

Audio Recording of Dr. James A. Naismith on Inventing Basketball

The University of Kansas recently released an audio recording James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, appearing on a New York radio show in 1939, about 10 months before his death. It is the only known audio recording of Dr. Naismith. As a 1939 radio interview, it is everything you’d hope for.


The host has an almost comically classic radio voice. Even better, Dr. Naismith sounds like a caricature of an old man in the 1930s. On top of  that, it is fascinating to hear Naismith discuss the game he invented nearly 50 years prior (and what a disaster the first attempt was), and marvel at the heights it had reached by 1939. Imagine if he could see the game today. -TOB

Source: Radio Interview, 1939”, University of Kansas, Released (12/15/2015)

PAL: So…who wrote Dr. Naismith’s script for this? Kidding aside, I love the fact that basketball was invented out of what sounds like a PE teacher thinking, “What the hell am I going to do with these knuckleheads today?”

Can You Blame Them?

Bo Ryan, head basketball coach at Wisconsin, retired right before the start of Big 10 conference play after back-to-back Final Four appearances. For lack of a better term, “tenured” coaches have been doing this a bit more often as of late, most recently Steve Spurrier at South Carolina. Jim Calhoun bounced 6 weeks before the start of the season at UConn, as well. One possible factor for these abrupt retirements: leverage. By checking out in the middle of the season, the coach gives his top assistant coach an opportunity to earn the job as the replacement. Although Wisconsin is likely a top-15 job in college basketball, it’s not going to hire from the outside in the middle of the season:

“Everybody knows, it’s no secret. Every head coach would like their top assistant to be the head coach,” Ryan said. “I wanted to give Coach Gard plenty of time to get the guys ready and to get them into the position where, as a head coach, he has a chance, as every former head coach for their top assistant says, ‘to take a run at the job’. That’s the way this business is, and we accept it.”

I understand. Gard’s been with Ryan forever, and Ryan wants to give his guy a chance. It’s absolutely worth noting that Gard’s father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in November. It seems likely that Ryan held the spot until Gard was ready.

Here’s the thing: The next head coach at Wisconsin is not Bo Ryan’s call. Hiring coaches is the job of the Athletic Director and the university. If Ryan retires at the end of last year, the school has time to put together a wish list. Interview outside candidates. With a mid-season retirement, the school has to – you know – worry about the next game and the immediate season. I get it – and I think I’m fine with it – but it’s a bit overstepping on Ryan’s part. – PAL

Source: “Ryan didn’t quit on Wisconsin; the timing of retirement was calculated”, Rob Dauster, NBCsports.com (12/16/2015)

TOB: When Mike Montgomery began coaching at Cal, I was very excited. He’s a great coach who always gets the most out of his players. He had the most success at Cal as any basketball coach in decades. But he brought his son, John, along as an assistant coach. From early on, there were many rumblings that Mike was only planning to coach a few years and wanted Cal to hire Mike as his successor. I have to say, I would have been pissed. And if I was a Wisconsin fan right now, I’d be pissed. As a basketball coach, you have a job – to coach the team as well as you can. You should not be able to shape the program for years to come. In the law, there’s a concept called the Dead Hand – when you die, you are not allowed to control your assets beyond a certain time. The same should be true of college coaches.

Mom Knows Best

This is short, but funny. A UMass basketball player had been playing poorly – so his mom turned off his cell phone service. In his very next game, he went off for 40 points. Good job, Mom. -TOB

Source: What Motivated UMass Guard Trey Davis to Score 40 Points Wendesday?: ‘My Mom Turned Off My Phone’”, Daniel Malone, MassLive (12/16/2015)

PAL: Imagine his numbers if she cut his WiFi…

Video of the Week

Mom with great hairdo takes a half court shot for her daughter’s tuition, thinks she misses it, somehow makes it on the bounce, goes wild.

PAL Song of the Week: Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly  – “Peace On Earth/Drummer Boy

Check out our entire playlist here. Not as good as Monica Lang’s breakfast rolls, but – hey – it’s not bad either.

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“I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

-Darth Vader

Week of December 6, 2015

It’s Time to Talk About the Warriors

I have been hesitant to write about the Warriors until, you know, they actually lose a game. But it’s time. What the Warriors are doing right now, 23-0 at the time of publication, is likely the most incredible thing I’ve seen in my life as a sports fan. Most of those 23 games haven’t even been particularly close. There are not enough superlatives for this. The Dubs have the whole league feeling like Kemba Walker does here:

 Unfortunately, in the closing seconds of a win over the Pacers on Tuesday, Klay Thompson sprained his ankle. I hope it isn’t too bad, because they will need him in order to do something historical. How historical? Before their 23rd win on Tuesday, FiveThirtyEight’s projection system has them with a 44% chance of setting the all-time NBA record with 73 wins a season, surpassing the 72 wins recorded by the 1995-96 Bulls (and a 25% chance of winning an insane 75 games). In this brief article, Kyle Wagner breaks down the various projection systems’ predictions for the Warriors’ final record.

Source: It’s Time to Take the Warriors’ Chances of Going 73-9 Seriously”, Kyle Wagner, FiveThirtyEight.com (12/08/2015)

PAL: The Warriors are absurd, and oh-so-fun to watch. Solid article, but I liked the other FiveThirtyEight article, which focused on trying to contextualize Steph Curry’s shooting. How about this nugget: “Curry shoots threes about as well with a defender 2 to 4 feet away (classified as “tight” by NBA.com) as an average NBA shooter does with the nearest defender 12 feet away.”

Scott Weiland’s Letter to Charlie Weis. Wait, What?

Back in 2005, in the first year of his original deal and after very little success, Notre Dame handed head football coach Charlie Weis a massive, 10-year contract extension. They quickly lived to regret that, and ended up having to pay him a buyout of $19 million. Notre Dame made their final annual payment on that contract this month. In other news, Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland died last week at the age of 48. Weiland had struggled for years with drugs and alcohol. These two stories are seemingly unrelated. So why do I bring them up together? As it turns out, Weiland was a huge Notre Dame football fan. He grew up in the midwest and his father went to Notre Dame. Weiland was such a big Notre Dame fan that in 2007 when Weis was rumored to be considering taking the New York Giants head coaching job, Weiland wrote Weis a fervent open letter, literally begging Weis not to leave Notre Dame. A sampling:

But LEAVING NOTRE DAME, your Alma Mater, without having achieved really anything of monolithic proportions like you’ve promised us is absurd and unfair. So at this point, I will get on my knees and beg. Don’t do it Coach. Don’t do it! Stay and do what you promised; your team, your school, the fans, the legacy deserves to be taken to the Promised Land.

The whole letter is pretty amusing, as Weiland writes like a 12-year old throughout. What a weird story. -TOB

Source: Dead STP Frontman Scott Weiland’s Impassioned Letter Begging Charlie Weis to Stay at Notre Dame”, Troy Machir, Sporting News (12/04/2015)

PAL: I never would’ve guessed this. It’s strange to read the words of a rock star that come off like such a dorky Notre Dame guy – impassioned and hyperbolic with the blinders firmly affixed. Also, Jimmy Clausen was a thing.

Vicarious Abuse

In Minnesota, the “Hockey dad” is a thing, as I’m certain it’s “Football dad,” in Texas, “Tennis dad” in some faux “academy” in Florida and so forth, especially in places where a sport and location are nearly one and the same. Watching a parent lose control at youth sports game is surreal and disturbing. The lack of awareness needed in order to, say, threaten violence on an umpire, referee, or – worst of all – your kid  in a public setting at a meaningless sporting event is unsettling.

Untitled 2

O’Sullivan’s dad was beating him by the time this picture was taken.

Patrick O’Sullivan’s story of enduring years of physical abuse is horrible, yet familiar. We’ve heard this story before. However, his perspective on it is refreshing and needed, especially  in an era when younger and younger kids are specializing in a sports at the insistence of coaches and parents. O’Sullivan’s take on the single-mindedness of it hits home, especially for a dude that grew up in a hockey-crazed community:

“Once you get to the pro level and you witness how fast the game moves, you finally realize that no amount of running or weight lifting or private lessons is going to change one simple question: Do you understand hockey? Do you really understand the game? Do you know where that puck is going next?”

O’Sullivan’s dad is a pathetic failure. – PAL

Source: Black & Blue”, Patrick O’Sullivan”, The Players’ Tribune (12/09/2015), ℅ 1-2-3 reader Pat O’Brien

TOB: This was a really disturbing, but also necessary, read. It helps that O’Sullivan is a little removed from the game – he is 30 years old, but has been retired since 2012. This perspective allows O’Sullivan to note two important truths about his horrible story: (1) the worst part of it all is that O’Sullivan’s NHL success undoubtedly makes his awful father believe he did the right thing; that O’Sullivan owes his success to his dad beating the hell out of him, day after day, for over a decade; and (2) that there were people, grown adults, who saw O’Sullivan’s father abusing him after games and did absolutely nothing. O’Sullivan’s story could have been a woe is me memoir – but instead he makes an important point: parents abuse their children, and it is not acceptable. But the least acceptable thing is for other adults to witness the abuse, look the other way, and do nothing. As O’Sullivan closes his story:

“I’m writing it for the people in the parking lot. Yes, if you say something, you may ruin the relationship you have with that person. You may get embarrassed in front of the other hockey parents. You may have to go through the awkwardness of filing a police report.

I can understand why a lot of people worry, “But what if I’m wrong?”

If you are wrong, that’s the absolute best case scenario. The alternative is that child is a prisoner in his own home. What you’re seeing in the parking lot or outside the locker room — whether it’s a kid getting grabbed and screamed at, or shoved up against a car — could just be the tip of the iceberg.

It’s so ironic, because the hockey community loves to talk about toughness and courage. In that world, courage is supposed to mean standing in front of a slap shot without flinching, or taking your lumps in a fight.

But that’s easy. That’s not real courage. Anybody can do that. I guarantee you there’s hundreds of kids across North America who will get dressed for hockey this weekend with their stomach turning, thinking the same thing I did as a kid: “I better play really good there, or tonight is going to be really bad.” It just takes one person to act on their instinct and stand up for that child. That’s real courage. The kind we don’t always glorify in the hockey world.”

Video of the Week:

Wait for it…

Baseball players are so lovably dumb.

Tweet of the Week

-Former teammate of Marshawn’s at Cal, who went on to play quite a few years in the NFL.

PAL Song of the Week: A Tribe Called Quest – “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo

Check out the playlist here. Consider it your holiday bonus.

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Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?

– Clark Griswold


Week of November 30, 2015

God bless the super senior.

Greatest Post-Fight In-Ring Interview Ever

I almost made this the Video of the Week, but it really deserves so, so much more. When I saw this I texted it to Phil and said: “This is why we started 1-2-3 Sports!” It’s quite possibly my favorite sports video of all-time. Quick background: British boxer Tyson Fury beat long-time Heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitschko last Saturday. It was a HUGE upset. Klitschko had been the champ for 10 years. In the ring after the fight, Tyson Fury (that name is pretty fantastic) took the mic and…just watch:

Tears in my eyes, man. -TOB

PAL: I cannot recommend clicking on this link enough. So absurd and hilarious.

Once Again, Navy’s Uniforms Are So Choice.

A few years ago, Navy unveiled these awesome uniforms for its annual game against Army. Those helmets remain SWEET.

Navy 1Nothing about that is bad. Great job by Nike. Since then, Navy has moved to UnderArmour, and I do not often say this, but UnderArmour has bettered Nike on this one:

Navy 2

Look closely. Those are seven different helmets, with seven different hand-pained Naval ships, with one ship for each position group. Plus:

Navy 3“Damn the Torpedoes” vertical down the leg. They’re gonna be so fired up, they’ll win by 50. Sorry, Army. And thank you to my own mother for sending in this story. We love reader submissions! -TOB

Source: Navy’s Badass Helmets for Army Game Have Hand-Painted Ships, Custom For Each Position Group”, Jason Kirk, SB Nation (11/30/2015)

PAL: “Damn the torpedoes” on the pants is a half-step too far. Everything else about this jersey kicks ass.

The Greatest Season by The Great One

In the 85-86 NHL season, Wayne Gretzky tallied 215 points in 82 games. For some perspective, Gretzky had more assists in that season (163, or just about 2 per game) than the previous NHL scoring record-holder (Phil Esposito) had goals and assists. To be fair, the NHL in the 80s was kind of like the NBA in the 80s – that is to say, high scoring – and I’m trying to figure out what a good comparison would be. Jordan averaging 45ppg? Magic averaging 15 points and 20 assists per game? I don’t know, which is kind of the point of this story. It’s hard to find a comparison to how great Gretzky was, especially in that 85-86 season. – PAL

Source: Assist by the Great One: How Wayne Gretzky redefined scoring in the NHL”, Colin Fleming, Sports Illustrated (12/02/2015)

TOB: I thought about Phil’s challenge for about 30 seconds before Steph Curry’s name popped into my head. And I spent much of the evening trying to formulate how I would make the argument that what Curry is doing as a shooter in basketball is equal to Gretzky’s prime as a scorer in hockey. Curry is shooting so many threes, at such a high rate, that the comparison is apt. But I wanted to find something to really make it stick. While trying to find an article to support my position, I had Sportscenter on in the background and heard Scott Van Pelt start talking about Curry. And he nailed it. I transcribed it, edited a bit for space:

“After our show last night a few of us were sitting in the office when something hit me: We’d done the highlight of the Warriors win, it’s 20 wins in a row to start the season; we’d shown the highlight where Steph scored 40 and we’d shown his latest monotone explanation about being more confident, and whatever else he said. And, here’s where I think we failed: We just acted like this is normal. Because this is what he’s done. Steph Curry has blinded us in short order to the fact that what he does on a nightly basis is completely out of order and outrageous.

An Ethan Strauss article on ESPN.com today began with a Klay Thompson quote: ‘This is normal. This is normal, now.’ Well, yes and no. Yes, this is what Curry does. But no, nothing about this guy is normal. He scored 28 points in a quarter. He had 14 points in the final 1:53 of the quarter on shots averaging almost 30 feet.

Tom Haberstroh had some insane stats on ESPN.com and on Sportscenter that framed the lunacy of Curry so very well. He’s 4 for 10 on shots of 30 feet or more this season. That’s legitimately his range. He’s gonna pull from a dribble over halfcourt sometime soon and I will expect it to go in. It will be effortless and it will be a reasonable shot for him to take. Haberstroh listed 17 NBA teams that have gone a combined 4 of 119 from 30 feet or more this season.

Another gem: Curry is on pace to make more 3’s over the course of last season and this one than Larry Bird had in his entire 13 year career. Larry Friggin Bird. 

Whatever the volume of freakout is on Curry, it is still insufficient and it is not hyperbole. He’s the best shooter I’ve ever seen and it’s really not close. I want to make sure we do a better job of not being as nonchalant as he is about it. Because this is starting to feel like some once in a lifetime stuff, and acknowledging it, and appreciating it, as it happens is what ought to be done. So we will.”

Amen, SVP.

Never Change, KG

Kevin Garnett is very nearly insane, and the stories are so damn entertaining. This is an anecdote by Jackie MacMullan, in a story about how KG is mentoring the young Timberwolves. It is set back in 2009, when KG was still with the Celtics. Coach Doc Rivers asked KG to sit out a practice, to give him some rest. Here’s what happened:

“Garnett, forbidden to take the floor by his own coach, had concocted his revenge: He would track the movements of power forward Leon Powe, the player who had replaced him in the lineup. As Powe pivoted, so did Garnett. As Powe leaped to grab a defensive rebound, Garnett launched himself to corral an imaginary ball. As Powe snapped an outlet pass, Garnett mimicked the motion, then sprinted up his slim sliver of sideline real estate as Powe filled the lane on the break. The players were mirror images: one on the court with a full complement of teammates, the other out of bounds, alone. Two men engaged in a bizarre basketball tango.

“KG,” Rivers barked, “if you keep doing this, I’m canceling practice for the whole team. That will hurt us.”

Garnett’s reverence for coaches was legendary, but still he turned his back on Rivers. He returned to his defensive stance, an isotope of intensity, crouched, palms outstretched, in complete concert with Powe. He was, in fact, becoming so adept at this warped dalliance he’d invented, he actually began to anticipate Powe’s movements, denying the entry pass to his invisible opponent before Powe thought of it.

Finally, an exasperated Rivers blew the whistle. “Go home,” Rivers instructed his team. Then he glared at Garnett. “I hope you’re happy.”

Hilarious. More KG stories, please. -TOB

Source: “Rookie Watch: The Cruel Tutelage of the Wolves’ Kevin Garnett, Jackie MacMullan, ESPN.com (11/25/2015)

PAL: Just to be clear, this is not the endearing type of crazy. KG is crazy crazy, as in “ruin a career crazy”. Also – I know I’m in the minority on this, but I can’t help but think the picture of him sitting in front of Flip Saunders’ parking spot has a pinch of self-aggrandizement. Interesting read, to be sure, but what KG defines as leadership comes off as, well, a teenager’s misguided understanding of the concept.

Flip A Coin: The Sports Tradition Goes Way Back

The coin toss first shows up in a sport’s rulebook in 1774. No surprise here, it appears in a cricket rulebook. Many of us consider it a tradition that now carries little significance to the game it precedes, but this story outlines many instances where that was not the case. Sometimes it led to a rule change (Jerome Bettis, anyone?), and in other cases (the NBA Lottery) it likely changed a franchise’s destiny. Most interesting, however, is how important the coin toss remains in cricket (for now?). Fun read about something we hardly ever think about in sports. – PAL

Source: Coin Toss Retains Its Place in History, if Not in Cricket, Victor Mather, The New York Times (11/30/15)

Bench Celebrations Never Get Old

Monmouth’s basketball team is off to a good start. They got a win at UCLA, then beat #17 ranked Notre Dame and USC. They are 4-2 and were a on my radar a bit after those big wins. But now they’re really on my radar, thanks to this Deadspin article highlighting their bench celebration antics. My favorite has to be this one:

But click the link and watch the rest. These guys are having fun and not afraid to look silly. Isn’t this what college sports should be about? -TOB

Source:Nobody in Sports is Having As Much Fun As the Monmouth Bench”, Patrick Redford, Deadspin (11/29/2015)

PAL: Would it be in poor taste to buy a keg and send it to the residence of where these perfect morons live in New Jersey? 100% love these goofballs.

Video of the Week:

PAL: Do any of our readers know this young lady? Asking for a friend.

PAL Song of the Week: Van Morrison – “Into The Mystic”. Dance with a loved one in the kitchen. Hold them tight, and don’t say a damn word.

Here’s the full playlist of all our picks. It’s all over the place, like you and me. 

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“You thought he was cute? Do you realize when he graduated we were like three years old?”