Week of October 14, 2016


Of course this guy commented on porn on Reddit. His name is Ken Bone, for chrissakes.

Still Ballin After All These Years


I have a regular, Sunday morning pickup basketball game I play in. It’s just up the street. The age range varies, but I’m on the younger end. Some of the guys have been playing there together on Sunday mornings for 30+ years, which is incredible. They still bust each other’s balls, and reminisce about the guys who used to play there, or how good this guy or that guy was when he was younger, or how they used to destroy one of the younger guys there when he started playing in the game at age 12. This article, a wistful ode to the weekly basketball game, is a few years old. I shared it on Facebook pre-1-2-3 Sports!, and it popped up in my “Memories” this week. It’s as good now as it was then. Even better, actually. I am getting older and feeling the effects of playing basketball 3-4 times a week for 2 hours each throughout my 20s: I don’t move laterally as well as I used to, my first step is a half step slower, and my game is played much closer to the ground than it used to be – all of which has made me a fairly mediocre defender. But I can still shoot – heck, I am much better now than I used to be – and I can still pass, and that’s all you really need to contribute for years. I hope I’m still playing there 30 years from now, telling some young buck about the guys I used to play with – right before I drill an 18-footer in his face to close out the day. -TOB

Source: The Game Never Stops Calling, Even When Your Body Won’t Answer”, Mike Sager, Deadspin (10/10/2013)

PAL: I think it’s time for a little field trip, followers of 1-2-3. With the Giants season over, and the Niners season…well…over, we can tailgate at one of TOB’s Sunday games. Seriously. I’ll provide the grub and the brews. Toss the ball around, then head into the gym and heckle the players.

TOB: I ask you to come play all the time! Come this Sunday. And make sure your peoples is there to see it. You might get embarrassed.

PAL: I can’t shoot, I’m short, and I foul often. Sounds like a great time.


The Silver Lining of ‘Locker Room Talk’

By now we’ve all recoiled after listening to Donald Trump on a hot mic with little Billy Bush talking about non-consensual contact with a women. Political leanings aside (I’m still not ruling out 10 point Clinton landslide, as the Trump train feels like – maybe, perhaps, could be – finally be coming off the tracks), we can all agree that he’s a grade A moron, right? Right. This isn’t about Trump being, as Colin Powell put it, “[A] national disgrace and an international pariah.” For this humble sports blog, the angle here is about athletes speaking up.

Before I continue, and to state the obvious, Trump’s explanation was bullshit. His history seems to confirm that.

We all talked about it. I was on a plane during the debate, and it was quite a scene to watch unfold as everyone onboard turned on their phones and responded to the debate (not much for screens and Wifi on the el cheapo flights). Athletes spoke up, too. Here are a handful from Bill Pennington’s NYTimes article on 10/10:

“Have I been in every locker room?” Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Chris Conley wrote on his Twitter account. “No. But the guys I know and respect don’t talk like that. They talk about girls but not like that. Period.”

Oakland A’s pitcher Sean Doolittle said on Twitter, “As an athlete, I’ve been in locker rooms my entire adult life and uh, that’s not locker-room talk.”

But Atlanta Falcons tight end Jacob Tamme may have had the last word, and spoke for many.

Having just left the locker room after his team’s victory over the Broncos in Denver on Sunday night, Tamme wrote: “I showered after our game but I feel like I need another one after watching the debate.”

He added: “The attempt to normalize it as any type of ‘talk’ is wrong. I refuse to let my son think that this is ‘just how men speak.’”

TOB has pointed this out in recent weeks in relation to the Colin Kaepernick story, and it’s worth resurfacing: I can’t remember a time in my life when athletes were this outspoken on political and social issues, and each previous, recent instance of an athlete making a statement emboldens the next. This is good. Whether you agree with the athletes’ opinions or not, I assure you this is a good thing. Granted, a response opposing Trump’s lunacy is a layup, but the point is the athletes confirmed that the BS hack’s statements were just that. More than being pitchmen of shoes made by kids in a third world country, don’t you want to know these folks have an actual conscience? I do. – PAL

Source: What Exactly Is ‘Locker Room Talk’? Let An Expert Explain”, Bill Pennington, The New York Times (10/10/16)

Non-Story: Giants Bullpen Buries Giants

No story link here, just an aside. Rowe, TOB, JOB, and I were at the Giants’ collapse on Tuesday night. Beautiful night, and for 8 innings Moore, a mid-season acquisition, was dealing. I foolishly made a comment along the lines of, Can you imagine how tight all of Chicago will be for game 5? And then the bullpen crapped itself.

Up 5-2 going into the 9th, lost 6-5.

I texted Rowe after the game: “That’s (insert expletive) tough to swallow.”

Rowe: “I want to be pissed off, but anyone who watched this team all year knew it would be the bullpen to break out hearts.”

No response required.

But there’s this to brighten everyone’s day:

Pro tip for the Giants: There’s no more blowing into the bullpen cartridge. Time for a new game. – PAL

TOB: As I said to you guys at the game – it was the perfect microcosm of the season. A great and promising start, followed by a complete collapse because the bullpen can’t get anyone out. I read this article yesterday by Grant Brisbee about what the Giants bullpen will to look like next year. It’s…promising? They need to go after two end of game arms – a true closer (Melancon?) and a very good lefty specialist. Then they let Romo, Lopez, and Casilla walk as free agents. Then you’ve got Free Agent 1, Free Agent 2 (lefty), Law, Smith, Strickland, Okert/Osich, and maybe Kontos or Gearrin (who I still like). That’s…not bad. Strickland is not bad as the 5th best guy in the pen. I think we could also use another starter. The other good news is that the Giants let third base coach Roberto Kelly (and first base coach Bill Hayes) go yesterday. Hallelujah! The base running was awful. Kelly, especially, had some crazy misfires over the last two seasons, though admittedly nothing as bad as this from last night:


Look where the third base coach is; look where the ball is; look where Werth is…needless to say Werth was hosed by about 40 feet.

Video of the Week:

Song of the Week: Elvis Costello – “Miracle Man”

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“Yeah, Moe, that team sure did suck last night [Tuesday]. They just plain sucked. I’ve seen teams suck before but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.”

-H. Simpson

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