Lockdown Dailies #5: Best Venues

What is the best field/court/whatever on which you’ve competed?

PAL: I’m starting to notice how much these ideas revolve around baseball. Somebody’s missing the start of the season! While, for me, this tends towards baseball fields, I’ll give a rundown of the best fields I played on as a kid. Please share your selections, and send a pic if you can find one. 


Little League: Brooklyn Center, no contest.

Grass infields, real, sunken dugouts, best concession stand ever. Burgers with grilled onions. Every player in their annual tourney was given a free burger and a pop each day. 

High School: Athletic Park – Chaska, MN – a crown jewel of ‘town ball’ in MN. It’s perfection. 

While there are many of these types of fields, this one was the best I ever played on. 

College: Need help on this one. Chico State was nice, but that is/was a independent league field. We did play on a field in Missouri that Mickey Mantle played minor league ball at apparently – Joe Becker Stadium. Could’ve been a nice field, but I don’t remember it that way. I just recall freezing my balls off behind the plate during an early March game in freezing rain. 

All-time: Chaska. Did you look at the picture? 


  • Best ice: Oscar Johnson – St. Paul, MN
  • Best atmosphere – Aldrich Arena – Maplewood, MN
  • Oddity: Coliseum at MN State Fair – St. Paul, MN. Pictured above. Fun fact, my grandpa help build this.

Soccer: Whatever rich high school put in a new football/soccer field the previous spring. 

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4 thoughts on “Lockdown Dailies #5: Best Venues

  1. You’ve got the Mantel field right from college. I recall being in the outfield with one hand down my pants to keep warm looking at the hill over in right field. Game was more memorable than the field. Had to keep the bats in the dugout to keep from icing over, the umpire had a layer of ice on him too. Good thing we put up 14 and got the hell out of there…the mercy rule was invoked after 7 (yes, Tommy an actual 9 inning game). PAL with a strong 3-6 day at the plate.


  2. I never got to play at the Brooklyn Center little League field but I sure remember loosing to them in the state tournament the year they went to the World Series. Damn they were good.

    Played in Chaska back in the amateur days with Minnetonka Millers and would add Jordan, MN and Miesville to the short list of town ball venues that were memorable to play at.

    High school I was spoiled traveling with Excelsior legion but we didn’t get to too many great venues. I’d put Bosse Field in Evansville Indiana at the top of the list (where they filmed some of League of Their Own), and the University of Washington field was a cool backdrop and feeling…also, begrudgingly Post 22 in Rapid City, SD (Fitzgerald Stadium) was a cool spot and played a 4th of July night game there with a great crowd.

    College we can’t forget the midnight doubleheader at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. I don’t wish to play another baseball game there and only mention from childhood Twins World Series nostalgia and the fact it got torn down.

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